3 months full-time coding course / 6 months part-time

Anyone from a fresh grad to a working professional or startup founder can learn how to code in 3 months

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*Read what we don't dare to over-promise below!

Why commit to ADA

Brought To You By Established Education Providers, BAC Education Group.

The best in Asian tertiary education (BAC) brings you ADA: a vigorous coding programme formed to teach aspiring and committed coders from all walks of life the following skills:

Foundations of Programming

Database and Cloud Development

Specialisation: Web, Android or iOS

*Disclaimer: our promise isn't an over-promise!

ADA does not promise the illusion of producing Zero to Hero (proficient) coders, which we think is bull*h@t without ample time, training and practical experience. While others may claim to perform magic in mere weeks, we're not that brave, plus genius coders are super rare... Instead, ADA takes you from Zero to Competent in due time!

Graduates of ADA will steadily and surely learn the semantics of code to be able to pick up new and ever-evolving programming languages (or frameworks) easily later on in life, on top of learning how to troubleshoot code. They will possess the skills to develop their own applications with a focus on first building a strong foundation in problem solving, which is key to building competence, confidence and independence, wherever they go.

Asia ADA
coding talent!

Our Mission and Belief

ADA, read as a word (not an abbreviation) in Bahasa Malaysia, means "GOT" or "HAS" in English. Our core mission in building this programme is to actively harness the finest coding talent in Asia to serve the ongoing digital revolution and bridge the obvious over-demand, under-supply skills gap many corporations, institutions and companies are facing today. We know there is talent out there to be discovered, planted and nurtured. And we aim to bring it on: Asia ADA Coding Talent!

What happens after ADA

Here's the practical knowledge and skill sets you can claim to possess and continue to fine-tune after doing your training time, for real:

  • Know the language for expressing computations
  • Know good software design and best practices, algorithms and data structures, and code readings
  • Know how to write and debug a program
  • Know how to solve problems using code
  • Know how to use simulations to shed light on problems that don't easily succumb to closed form solutions
  • Know how to use computational tools to help model and understand data
  • Develop skills equivalent to Facebook's Software Engineer Level E3 to E4, and be able to work independently to support the development of superior or established products
  • Able to support an entry-level career in front end or back end engineering, on top of go on to kickstart building your own applications and startups

ADA programme structure

Our Mission and Belief

Students will be taught in instructor-led labs, supported by live demonstrations of code, and capped by hands-on sessions after each topic is delivered. Students will also create 2 to 3 real world web projects in each level, which covers the basic coding applications and needs of typical startups and corporations.





Module 1 – Basic Introduction to Programming


Introduction to Swift and OOPIntroduction to Java and OOPIntroduction to Javascript and OOP


Interface Design & ImplementationInterface Design & Implementation using CSS


Interacting with Remote DataInteracting with Remote Data using jQuery and AJAX


Storing Local Data, Version Control, App Submission on iOSStoring Local Data, Version Control and App submission on Google Play.Storing Local Data, Version Control and Web Hosting

Module 2 – Deploying Infrastructure


Server Side Programming (NodeJS)


Database Design and Storing Data (SQL vs NoSQL vs Graph Database)


Security, Testing and Documentation


DevOps (Docker, AWS, Google Cloud platform)

Module 3 – Building Applications


UI/UX Best practice and Building for multi devices.


Integrating with Device FeaturesHybrid Development Framework


Integrating Library and Mobile Backend (Firebase)Integrating with Device Features using Hybrid Development Framework


Marketing (ASO, Firebase Analytics)

Why learn coding?